Finding the right fit between patient and therapist can be just as important as the therapy itself. I hope this site provides you with a little insight into my clinical training experience, philosophy and what therapy and assessment may be like in my care. Questions and curiosities are always welcome - so please feel free to contact me if you would like more information than what is provided here. An in person consultation is encouraged in order to assess our goodness of fit, presenting concerns and any questions that you may have. Thank you for visiting!

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Individuals, Couples, Adolescents, Teletherapy


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Individuals, Partners, Professionals, Colleagues, Parents & Relatives



Method of Treatment & Personal Philosophy

While I am trained in a variety of methods of therapy, I choose to focus on both modern and classical psychoanalytic and relational approaches. These models rely on personal strengths and insight oriented processes that uncover underlying conflicts that cause emotional pain in daily life. I have found that by listening carefully to a patient's needs, I am able to create a framework that resonates best for each individual. Each patient is conceptualized through a unique lens using analytic, interpersonal, attachment, and trauma focused psychodynamic theories. In this way, early hurts are gradually uncovered and unhealthy relational patterns emerge. This allows for understanding and change in an emotionally safe environment.

Patient and therapist embark on careful exploration of early experiences and their impact on daily functioning and overall life satisfaction. This dynamic approach allows me to respectfully and non-judgmentally accept patients and their experiences while allowing for insight and growth. Healing occurs through the richness of the interactions between doctor and patient via a strong working alliance, interpersonal connection and the working through of underlying conflicts that no longer serve a positive purpose in one's life and relationships.

Together we work toward comprehensive understanding and create lasting, meaningful change.



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